Mumbai Port Trust

Mumbai Port Trust

Mumbai Port Trust, an autonomous body formed by the Government of India under the Ministry of Shipping, to look after the Mumbai Port and all the activities associated with Mumbai Port or the erstwhile Bombay Port.

The coastal metropolis of Mumbai lies on the western shores of India on the Arabian Sea. Mumbai is a natural deep water port that has been on the maritime route of seafarers since centuries.

The history of Mumbai Port claims that it was used by boats and ships of explorers and fishermen. It was also an important naval port of the Maratha Navy. In more recent time it has been developed as a port in the time of the British Raj in India. Mumbai’s location (Latitude 18° 56.3' N, Longitude 72° 45.9' E) and the large area of more than 150 square miles of harbour opening to the sea routes of the Arabian Sea has made it one of the primary ports of India handling bulk cargo.

The beginning of the development of the present Mumbai Port started in the 1870s and the Mumbai Port Trust or Bombay Port Trust as it was known then, was founded as a corporation in 1873. The founding chairman of the Port Trust of Mumbai was Colonel J.A. Ballard, that is why the first pier of Mumbai Docks was named Ballard Pier. The Gateway of India was constructed on Ballard Pier which was really the gateway to India and the main reason for Mumbai to become the chief financial centre of India. In the 1990s the city of Bombay was renamed Mumbai and the Bombay Port Trust became the Mumbai Port Trust.


Facilities Provided By Port Trust Mumbai Are As Follows:

There are three main docks atMumbai Port; the Princess Docks, Victoria Docks and Indira Docks. All these three docks are enclosed and wet natural docks.Put to use in 1880, Princess dock now has eight berths, Victoria Docks in 1891 and Indira Docks in 1914. Victoria Docks has 14 berths and Indira Docks is the biggest with 21 berths. . The minimum drafts of these three docks is between 21feet and 23 feet. Ships can enter and depart only at high tides in Princess and Victoria Docks. But Indira Docks can be used by ships at any time since the dock is not semi tidal but operates by a lock system.

Other facilities at Mumbai Port, managed by the Mumbai Port Trust include 4 jetties on an island in the port called JawaharDweep. There are sixty-three anchor points at the port. These jetties are used to handlePetroleum Products and chemicals.  There is also customs and immigration clearancefacilities for passengers and crews of passenger liners and cargo ships.

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